Reservations regarding Participation in Girl2Leader Ukraine EventsGirl2Leader Ukraine 

    • The Organiser bears no responsibility for:
      • any incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate personal data indicated by Girl2Leader applicants and participants;
      • use of stolen materials and violations of intellectual property law. Applicants bear full responsibility for observing copyright and neighboring rights reserved for any materials used in their application. Applicants, therefore, confirm that they have the exclusive copyright and neighboring rights to any work submitted in their application.
      • Transfer of the rights to use and distribute materials submitted by applicants in their applications shall be based, among other things, on the provisions of Article 32 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.
      • Participants (or their legal guardians), by taking part in the campaign, give their consent to:
        • processing, by the Organiser, of their personal data indicated on social media pages of the participants and in materials submitted to the campaign’s Organiser via e-mail, website or by post. The personal data in question may be disclosed to a third party only in the cases provided for by the law. In any other cases such disclosure shall take place only after a participant or, until reaching the full civil capacity, her legal guardian, has agreed thereto;
        • photography, filming, video- and telerecording of a participant, and its/their use for creation of telecasts, advertising, or information materials as well as its/their publication, reproduction, or distribution via telecasts, advertising, or information materials both within and outside the territory of Ukraine in any manner except as provided by law, without any limitations as for the period of its/their publication, reproduction, or distribution, inter alia, within the framework of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign. Participants shall receive no remuneration or compensation for the use of any such photography or video recording as well as its/their publication, reproduction, and distribution via advertising and information materials, and waive all rights they may have to any material claims or demands to individuals or entities who publish, reproduce, and distribute those advertising, information, or video materials, inter alia, within the framework of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign.
      • The following materials shall not be accepted as application entry:
        • materials which insult the feelings and human dignity of other people and hence do not correspond to the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign requirements;
        • materials which, in any form, call for a forcible seizure of state power, violent change of the constitutional order, or impairment of the integrity of Ukraine, or contain war propaganda or information which may ignite social, racial, national, or religious hatred and animosity.
      • The Girl2Leader Ukraine Organiser reserves the right to refuse the application of a participant who has provided incorrect, incomplete, or illegible information mandatory for participation, or/and has failed to comply with other requirements of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign. In such an event a participant is not entitled to any compensation from the Organiser/Contractor.
      • The campaign’s Organiser is not a political party. Promotion and advertising of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign shall not in principle be regarded as a component of political advertising or an election campaign.
      • According to the effective legislation of Ukraine, the Organiser of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign may request participants to submit additional documents/information required for participation of minors in the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign.

      Results of the Girl2Leader Ukraine campaign are final and cannot be appealed.