Yuliya Lovochkina

Girl2Leader Ukraine Ambassador
Member of Parliament of Ukraine of VI, VII and VIII convocations

Let me welcome you, active, ambitious and enthusiastic girls and young women to the website of our campaign!

Today Ukraine more than ever requires profound changes and transformations.
I sincerely believe that a secure, just, and decent future cannot be achieved unless girls and women become earnestly engaged in socially important decision-making processes.
By being proactive and eagerly taking part in decision-making processes, you invest in the future where you yourselves will live. It is my ambition that in that future world each and every one of you will enjoy equal rights and opportunities!
To that end, in 2018 Ukraine saw the launch of the Girl2Leader campaign which aims at transferring experience in the domain of empowerment and equal opportunities by female political leaders to a new generation of girls and young women.
If you are willing to become actively involved in decision-making processes in order to make a difference in your city, country and the world in general, join Girl2Leader Ukraine! Support global transformations in Ukraine!
And please remember – if not you, then who?