Gender is a range of certain social and cultural characteristics which determine social behavior of women and men (according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).
Swiss scientists carried out an experiment. They installed a big mirror with a hidden camera in one of the big local supermarkets. According to the video recording, everyday 428 women and … 735 men looked at themselves in the mirror.
As a rule, it is a mother who usually takes a paternity leave in case of childbirth. Yet, according to Ukraine’s legislation, men are also entitled to a parental leave. Evidence suggests that although the number of Ukrainian men who have already taken that leave is modest, the dynamics is positive!
The modern world sees a drastically increasing number of female car drivers. 35 years ago only 6% of women in Ukraine held driving licenses. Today this indicator is considerably higher. It is worth admitting that there are women who are more adept at driving than men. Moreover, male drivers are deemed responsible for a greater portion of car accidents than females as the latter tend to be more cautious when driving. Yet, according to the statistics, only a few percent of professional drivers are women.
It is a well-known fact that professional chefs at restaurants are mostly men while women cook at home.
When thinking about outstanding teachers and educators one may recall more male than female representatives. Nevertheless, onle a few percent of school teachers are male while at kindergartens there are no male teachers at all.