World Economic Forum’s Global Report: It will take 202 years to completely close the gender gap


According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2018 referred to by Bloomberg, true gender equality, in particular, in the workplace remains 202 years off. “What we’re seeing globally is that we don’t have any country that’s achieved gender equality, regardless of the level of development, region or type of economy. Gender inequality is the reality around the world, and we’re seeing that in all aspects of women’s lives,” said Anna-Karin Jatfors, regional director for UN Women. She added that “202 years is too long a wait” for economic equity.

Having closed 85.8% of its overall gender gap, Iceland holds the top spot in the global rating for the 10th consecutive year. It is followed by Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

The least progress in ensuring gender economic parity has been shown by the Middle East and North Africa states, in particular, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Chad, Syria, Irag, Pakistan, and Yemen.


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